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Comments from our customers:

"concerning other vapes I wouldn't compare it to MFLB .......Venus is from another world in all the ways ......except for stealthiness . I would prefer compare it to Arizer Extrem Q which is a good desktop vaporizer .......and which is completely blown away by yours . VV is smaller ,more productive, easily transportable , cordless,the taste is better and smoother (i rarely cough with VV and always do with EQ),vapors come instantly and it's BEAUTiFUL......PERFECT !!! "

"Venus is quick, the temperatures available are perfect, the size unbeliavably small for such a powerful vaporizer and portable use works wonderfully."

"I got it and it is great! Very stylish looks and the vapor quality is very good. I salute and thank you! For sure this will be used a lot and finally I can stop using those horrible gas vaporizers while on the road. I think Volcano will stay cold from now on when the Venus is in the house. ;)"

"This thing is amazing! :)"

"The packaging was good and it was easy to start using it. The vaporizer is a lot smaller than I expected. (Not a bad thing!) You can easily taste the difference between herbs. This is great, really, the taste <3. It looks very nice and I keep it next to my TV set in the living room."

"It works and does it well!"

"Really stylish looks in real and it gives wonderful vapors."

"It has been now tested in several different enviroments, both indoor and outdoor. I must say - it works very well. The battery life is perfectly satisfying even for a larger group of people."

"Best portable vaporizer I've ever used!"

"I prefer Venus both on the aesthetical level and its practical usability to Volcano. I wouldn't even consider comparing it to other portable vaporizers as they come so far behind it."

"2 Months ago I got it and I've been very happy with my purchase. "

"I can take it with me to parties, to the beach, wherever I want. I recommend this vape." 


"VERY quick recharge time! Very easy to use and clean. And on top of all, 100% Finnish handicraft! It is a piece of art! I turn to Venus Vaporizer and recommend you to get it. I own it myself and I can recommend it with all my heart. "

"Venus has worked flawlessly Thank you for a wonderful product. I recommend this to my friends."

"This vaporizer is a very good invention. It is a beautiful piece of art and it works even better than it looks! Compact design and beauty combined with great usability make it desirable."

"I had this with me at the park, battery full. Had three different sessions, with a few friends, and we never ran out of battery so I am satisfied."

"A Very  good vaporizer"

"Recommended. Overall I would give it 4/5 stars. What I would like to see? Longer tubing and 2 herb chambers, then it would get 5 stars."

"I've gotten all the joy of vaporizing with this. It reaches all temperatures you could need and more."

"The Vape has beautiful simple design, the materials work well and it is easy to vaporizer with it."

"This is just the device I've been waiting for. You can take good draws and illuminating the vapor is a very good idea. Also the glow from the bulb adds to the atmosphere."

"Easy to use and gives pleasant vapors. Saves herb."

"A very powerful vaporizer! Many of my friends have tried it and everyone has only praised it and a few even consider buying it. The herb chamber takes about 0.3g and it is enough even for sharing with a few friends. Highly recommended!"