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The company behind Venus Vaporizer is VS Products. Officially we began operations in March 2012 but product development of Venus Vaporizer began already in 2008. It took many years to get everything just right for what we felt would be a perfect vaporizer. Finally we were completely satisfied with the product and started sales. The word spread out quickly and currently Venus Vaporizer is the best-selling vaporizer in Finland.

Our product is our passion. Each Venus Vaporizer is a result of countless work phases and we build them from start to finish carefully. The greatest reward for us is a happy customer and we do our best to achieve this. Please feel free to contact in case of questions.

Our Contact information:

VS Products
tel: +358 9 2316 420 1

email: info @ venusvaporizer.com

VAT ID:  FI21439055

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